AU Design Show 2018: Out of the Sketchbook & Into the Fire


• You must be an American University student or Fall ’17 graduate.

• You must have taken a design class within the past 2 years (non-design majors and minors are also encouraged to submit to the show).

• The piece(s) you submit must have never been featured in a previous AU Design Show.
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If you are a Fall 2017 graduate, count yourself as a senior.

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Please include things such as what area of design you're specializing in (if any), what kind of design work you enjoy doing most, and what year you expect to graduate. Please keep between 140 – 240 characters.

*IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING MULTIPLE PIECES TO DESIGN SHOW 2018: please copy/paste the content you enter in this text box for each submission to ensure your bio matches all pieces attached to your name.
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What was the most difficult part of this project? Most rewarding? Did you learn anything new, or discover anything interesting along the way?
Anything else you want us to know?

Thanks for Submitting!!! If you have any questions feel free to email us at
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